Contemporary Artist / Berlin

Do you also need flash units? What photo technology do you work with?
Answer: Yes absolutely, they are one of the most important parts of our work.
Studio flashes with a very fast recharge time are very
important to capture every moment.The flashes are mounted
on rollable tripods in order to change the light situation quickly.

Can you briefly explain how your pictures are created?
Answer: We don’t like to commit ourselves and keep trying
new things. Just don’t stand still! We find ourselves in
constantly growing processes that we incorporate into our
work with oil paint,acrylic paint, powder or even a liquid
made by us. This is then recorded through photography.

How long have you been photographing in this style
or since when have you been shooting at all?
Answer Mike: I’ve always been taking photos,
it was a secret passion besides music.I discovered more
andmore my interest and talent for photography, especially
abstractart and the unconventional. Together
with mywife I have been combining painting andphotography
for about 3 years. Photography is part of
our artisticexpression and thecamera is a tool to capture
the merging of colors
You now have many thousands of fans of your work.
Is there a recipe for success?
Answer: In art you can’t really work towards success,
you can only follow your creativity and work passionately
at it. When it reaches and inspires many people, it is
a great pleasure for us.

How long does a picture take from the idea to be completed?
Answer: It can take 2 to 4 weeks and over 1000 shots to
find the right motif for us. In addition, there is preparation for printing.
For us it is and remains a creative process that cannot always
be controlled. Over the years, however, there have been works
that were on the wall very quickly.

How does the joint work work?
Do you split up?
Answer: Working together is harmonious, no one can do
without the other. However, our rolesare clearly assigned.

Do you always work with a black background?Answer:
yes. However, this only plays a subordinate role, as
the high shutter speed automaticallydarkens the background.

Is there still a lot going on in image processing?
And if so, what?
Answer: Not very much anymore if we did everything right.
If so, it’s just a few adjustments, mostlyin Camera RAW or PHOCUS.
The works get more expression, which we needed for the
later fineart print. It is important to us to create the best
possible situation right from the start, which savesus a
lot of post-processing. Fixed post-processing are adjustments
in contrast, dynamics, clarity,lens correction and color
temperature. Here and there small bumps are removed.

Can you imagine photographing something else?
Or did you find your style and stick with it?
Answer: We are open to new impulses and inspiration
and will never stop treading new and unconventional paths.
Creativity is like a source that can ultimately become a torrent
Where can you see your pictures? Are there exhibitions?
Answer: yes. There have been exhibitions in Salzburg, Berlin,
London and currently also in Ibiza City.We currently
have gallery and trade fair inquiries from Monaco, Dubai,
France, New York and Germany,which we are trying to
implement as soon as possible. In Germany we will still
decide on galleries bythe end of the year. In 2016 we
take part in the charity art auction for Placet with many
other renowned artists.We will inform all interested
parties in good time via our web or Facebook page.

You handle colors. Are your shoots always spotless?
Answer: Free of stains? No, definitely not. The world is
colorful and so is our life. Of course, Madeleine could always
pull out the cleaning rag immediately and wipe it off.
But just a spotty day also promises to have achieved a lot.
You could also say: We show our colors!