It’s time to rethink paint. Paint is alive!℠
Colorphonie℠ (Combined Painting & Photography)  We’re leaving the canvas to seek new ways. Paint/color does not just have to be in the 2nd dimension, it can also be in the 3nd dimension. We want to explore what’s still possible.
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BB 5 2019 ca.110x110cm -(size inkl. Frame)
Der Rote Baum 2019 (the Red Tree 2019), ca190x140cm -(size inkl. Frame)


Circum 5 2018 ca.110x110cm -(size inkl. Frame)


Circum 4 2018 ca.110x110cm -(size inkl. Frame)


„KA1“ 2017, ca 112x140cm-(size inkl. Frame)


„C.S 3“ 2017, ca 141x160cm-(size inkl. Frame)


„C.S 1“ 2017, ca 110x110cm-(size inkl. Frame)


„Si 1“ 2016, ca 140x140cm-(size inkl. Frame)



Our new series (monochrome) is an experiment as our works are otherwise very colorful. We are inspired by Gerhard Richter his monochrome works. In contrast to conventional painting, which is only flat on a two-dimensional surface, painting in three-dimensional space still develops depths, shadows and light. Our curiosity is aroused as to why color can become so expressive when it is strongly influenced by components such as light, shadow and spatial depth. Not for nothing else is the saying “the light makes the picture”!


In the series „Cosmos“ we are inspired by pictures of the universe, galaxies and the stars. our works are „EMOTIONS“ of the idea of ​​an infinity expanding and a fully energetic universe with plasma clouds, dark matter, supernova and many other mysteries .. it should not be seen as a realistic image of the universe, rather it is a feeling about the universe! It is obvious that we are big fans of #NASA and their work, especially with the #Hubble telescope


Classical symphony
In this series we work with classical music by different composers.











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