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Technic: Mixed Media / Colorphonie℠ (Combined Painting & Photography) Painting in the 3 dimensional space with oil and acrylic paint.We’re leaving the canvas to seek new ways .. Color does not just have to be in the 2nd dimension, it can also be in the 3nd dimension … we want to explore what’s still possible

TEXT by: Dr. G.C. Rump (Gerhard Charles Rump) is an art historian and theorist, his main area is in the field of contemporary art. He is also a private lecturer for the T.U. (Technical University) Berlin, a curator, gallery owner and a photographic artist. 

The artists Mike & Madeleine Bülow have chosen  „The Symphonies of Colors ℠„ as their main title of their ongoing series of works. The colour body of her works is suspended in a liquid, and then photographed, and then selected, printed and presented. What the viewers see is, indeed, a symphony of colours, incorporating musical principles (other arists have done that, too, and composers have attempted to conjure up images in our minds), but the colours are not spread out on a flat and even surface, and they are seen as 3D, creating their own space, their own universe if you so wish.

The colour hues are different from what you experience in everyday life. Notwithstanding their unique character, they still do remind you of the things you know, you have seen before, and you are sure to see in the future. The reason for this is that Mike & Madeleine Bülow rely on certain principles of our perception, and of our biology, too. Every single colour, in whatever tone it may be clad, corresponds with the form, meaning that the same colour in a different form will have a different effect.

This is so because form is unchanging, it is a character of the material thing. Its colour, on the contrary, is not. Colour is an optical effect. An optical effect working directly on and with with our psyche and our experiences. This can easily be demonstrated by placing what in our everyday use would be called a red ball in a box and green late is shed on it, The colour, which in broad daylight appears to us as red, will change. But the form of the ball will, of course, not.

Some of the contrasts Mike & Madeleine Bülow will inevitably use are highly alerting. They do refer to biology, because some animals use those contrast like red and black or yellow and black or vivid bright colours, in order to fend off their predators. A frog in the Brazilian rain forest, brightly coloured, with vivid contrasts of colour in his skin, signalises to its predators: „I am poisonous, keep off.“ In the same way other animals use those contrasts to signalize „I do not taste good“ or „I am dangerous.“ We instinctively re-experience those effects, because we still have a heritage of those perceptive elements inside ourselves.

But there is, of course, more to it. Their main objective is to probe into the relationship between colour and form. Plus, of course, the effects these relations have on our perception, and therefore our emotions. When  Josef Albers investigated the interrelationship of colour and form, he chose a defined area, on a flat surface, and chosen an abstract albeit geometrical form. Mike & Madeleine Bülow go about their business in a completely different way, Renouncing the flat surface and therefore elevating painting into the third dimension, one might say that their works are sculptures. But that is only true in the process of creation. The images of Mike & Madeleine Bülow are photographs, and therefore 2-D representations of 3-D objects, thus connecting to the tradition of representing space on a flat surface, which has been so admirably described in John White‘s book „The birth and rebirth of pictorial space“.

The gist of it all is that Mike & Madeleine Bülow create a universe of colours incorporating musical principles, biological principles, aiming at our psyche through the architecture of our perception. The range of our aesthetics is, in their works, constantly being widened and goes on to explore new dimensions.

Mike Bülow has a musical background, having worked with numerous record labels for 20 years. He released 4 Albums and 16 singles with labels like MfS Records, Flesh, Universal Music, Sony and Warner. He worked, for instance with Marcos Lopez and Bernard Sumner of the British Band „New Order“, (Armani & Masto, The Sound of Sage 2 – taxi 4; Masto & Cain (for Dream Dance), Berlin Bitch (for Universal Music) and he had many acts for the „Love Parade” in Berlin, performances at the E-Werk event location in Berlin. He also had gigs at the Cannes music festival..
He began his career as a photo artist with the project “Symphonies of Colors” he launched in 2012 together with his wife Madeleine Bülow. They began experimenting with colors suspended in a liquid medium to create an aesthetic experience.. The works have been exhibited around Europe, like 2013 in Salzburg  (Austria), 2014 in Berlin and London, 2015 in Berlin and Ibiza (Spain) and 2016 in Austria, Cannes and Paris.
Madeleine Bülow spent her teenage years experimenting with colored pencils Around 2001 she developed a strong interest for abstract art and began working with acrylic paint on canvas. 2004 she moved to Berlin. From 2004 to 2006 she worked voluntarily for an art project for kids aged 3-4 years, in 2012 she launched the “Symphonies of Colors” project (s. a.)

Blue Marlin Ibiza Magazine / BMI:MAG ( 06.2019 ) 

ArtNews The Winter – Spring 2018 2019 edition (New York)

Dear Friends, We are very honored and excited to be in ARTnews, one of the premier Art Publications in the US, and around the world. The Winter – Spring 2018 2019 edition is just now published and we have a full color page. 














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