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Contemporary Artist / Berlin

Welcome, we are very pleased that you are interested in our art

Would you like to buy a unique work by Mike & Madeleine Bülow?

Please write us an email at and make

an appointment or ask a price request (catalog).

Now you can buy our work on Artsy (Smart Coast Gallery).

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Each work is provided on the back with a certificate of authenticity

as well as a signature and the fingerprints of the artist’s thumb.

Each work is printed only once (One-of-a-kind piece).

Correct shipping is IMPORTANT!

Dear Friends
We are in preparation to produce an art book together with a publisher.
However, the production costs are very high. It will contain the complete development of our art style.
Everyone who supports us will of course receive this book or a
generous discount on one of our works.
Maybe not everyone who likes our work can buy a unique piece from us.
But then there is the book with our technique, our history, and the
vision of presenting music visually. And of course with work by and.

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