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(*) FATW – Flags Around The World – that bring Hope
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The excitement is growing – #America is Now a Reality!

Last year I met Mike and Madeleine Buelow on LinkedIn. We immediately ‘hit it off’ with regard to their “Beyond Imagination” Art as well as their Spirituality, the dicussions about the Universe, and #Soul – that they ‘place’ in every piece of Art they create.

So I decided to travel to #Berlin – to meet them in person. Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp are great, but meeting someone in person is even BETTER!

Last summer that journey began and in December of 2017, Mike created this ‘Coming to America’ video ??

That is NOW a Reality!

Yes, their Art is NOW available, and can be shipped to you immediately, ANYWHERE in the USA. In addition, we can install it for you too! ?

Please contact me if you are a #Fan, if you would like to sign up for their Newsletter or want to see them in person when they come to the USA. We want you involved and we want you to be a part of the Journey! ?

We are forging relationships with buyers, but also designers, decorators, art collectors, real estate brokers and agents, investors, event planners, [family] foundations, as giving back is part of our essence.

You can reach me via ? email at or call me at 1-404-250-1709.

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Contact & partner in America: Eric Alexander De Groot

Buy Low Sell High – NO I am NOT talking about #Stocks  It’s basically anything that you purchase or invest in. ? Pending fluctuations of an Asset, ⚡ you need to determine whether this is a #LongTerm or #ShortTerm ‘hold’, as volatility plays an important role. The Stock market goes up ? and down ?, Real Estate goes in longer cycles up and down, though NOT as much as stocks. Cryptocurrencies are crazy, when it comes to highs and lows, ⬇ and Gold typically Trends Up or Down pending a Bull ? or Bear ? Market. The Solution is ? Art. ⬆ #Art – and I write about this regularly – is one of the MOST stable Asset Classes out there. Not many paintings will go down 20-50 or more %.  Now obviously you need to decide whether you collect for the looks or the value. Do you want to enjoy it and or make money with it. Or OPTION #3 Both! Which is possible too, though likely applies to art over $ 10,000. BUY A BUELOW! For the First Time Available in America! Introducing Mike and Madeleine Buelow from Berlin, Germany. Contact me if you are interested in their ‘Beyond Imagination’ Series. If you like Contemporary Art and Colors, you WONT be disappointed, just look below.  Contact me via LinkedIn, ? or call 1.404.250.1709 ☎ 

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